-Guitar Instructor

Mrs. Amanda studied music performance in college, taking classes in viola as well as the classical guitar. She finished her degree in Anthropology and Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin, graduating Magna cum laude.

Mrs. Amanda has worked closely with teaching children music since she began attending college. She’s worked privately as well as for the Northside Music School in San Antonio, Texas, and the Orpheus Academy in Austin, Texas.

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She has taught music for almost a decade starting with the Music Pedagogy course at her performing arts high school and has speci cally taught the guitar for five years privately and to students at the Orpheus Academy. She is currently an instructor at the New Jersey City University Community Music School, focusing on childhood music education.

Awards and Honors:

Finalist and Participant at the Honor’s Performance Series at Carnegie Hall in 2010

Oklahoma Youth Orchestra’s Concerto Competition Winner in 2011

Prize Winner of the Ladies’ Music Club Competition 2015

Finalist and Participant at the Round Top Festival Institute in 2015

Graduated Magna cum laude at the University of Texas at Austin

Eligibility Objects

Children above five years old, art specialty students and adults who want to cultivate art interest can register.

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